The long delayed Mechanoise Labs podcast is finally online. Expect a wide range of post-industrial, uneasy ambiance and strange sounds culled from the mail order catalog and my personal collection on a mostly weekly basis.

Tape-Beatles - The American Adventure - The Grand Delusion (Staalplaat)
Manorexia - Self Inflicted Concussions… - The Radiolarian Ooze (Ectopic Ents)
Cyclotimia - WSJ Theme - TimeBank (Zhelezobeton)
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Underground - They Live OST (Alan Howarth Incorporated)
Fir§t Law - Three Cheers For Heresy - Chaos Structure (Loki Foundation)
Tape-Beatles - Behold A Republic - The Grand Delusion (Staalplaat)
Thorofon - Elite 2 - New Heroes Essential (Klanggalerie)
Galerie Schallschutz - Phoenix II - Montauk Project (Tesco Organisation)
Cyclotimia - Wasteland (Silentium) - Algorithms (Irond)
Land:Fire - Intense Light - Physical : Mental : Psychological (Tesco Organisation)
First Human Ferro - Throat Transfixed - Heterodox (Old Captain)
Old Iron Fence - Wrong Number - A Reassuring Voice On The Television (Hermetique)

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