Ennio Morricone - Chi L'ha Vista Morire?
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Ennio Morricone - Chi L'ha Vista Morire? CD (Fin de Siècle Media)

Label info: "One of Ennio Morricone's long overlooked masterworks, the collection of eerie, dissonant choral pieces and freaky takes on traditional Italian children's songs that is Chi l'ha vista morire? is as compelling on its own as it is fascinating in its interaction with the 1972 film. While at first celebrating a carefree childhood, then lamenting its helplessness and unavoidable loss, Ennio Morricone's brilliant pieces in the end move on to address darker areas of the human psyche, the hysterical chants of the choir imbuing an unnerving sense of schizophrenia in the listener. The hint of Catholic liturgy that characterizes the music is, naturally, just another poignant contribution to the mystery of Chi l'ha vista morire?, in which innocence and evil, desire and violence, all get mixed up. Restored from the original stereo master tapes and presented in 6-page digipak with original artwork, liner notes and film stills."

Format: CD, digipak
Genres: soundtrack