Urna - Liber Lelle
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Urna - Liber Lelle CD-R (Abgurd)

New 2008 release from long-active Italian artist Gianluca Martucci, with a number of past releases on Slaughter Productions. Gradually stepping away from its dank death industrial origins towards more ritualistic and luminous sounds over the years, Urna's new work further confirms this evolution with its compositions of serene acoustic ambient. Bells, cymbals, percussion, mandolin, balalaika, zither, accordion and flutes are woven together into a lustrous tapestry of sound dedicated to the life and death of Angela da Foligno, a Christian author, nun, and mystic. This could easily be a White Magic audio counterpart to Endura's "Black Eden".

Format: CD-R, plastic case
Genres: ritual