Puissance - Let The State Collapse 3CD (Infinite Fog Productions)

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Label info: Long awaited release from this legendary Swedish Industrial band! After 6 longplay albums, in many respects defining the genre, the time has come for the solid 3CD collection of all band unreleased and rare music. Absolutely everything from early demo-tapes, 7”, splits, live-sessions, archives and besides. This is Puissance in their own unique, inimitable style. We have been waiting for the proper releases of "Krig" & "Obey, Hate, Die" years, and now they are here with carefully mastering from 121 (Velehentor, Closing The Eternity). Remastered versions of "War On", "Hail The Mushroom Cloud" and many many more... There are 3.5 hours of listening, ecstatic experience and catharsis.

3CD placed in hardcover digibook with information booklet. For the artwork and design, we invited great painter Artem Grigoryev, who did exclusive art especially for Puissance.

Format: 3CD, digibook with booklet, limited to 444 copies