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Linija Mass - Industrealism
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Linija Mass - Industrealism 3"CD

Mini-album composed of two tracks from 2001 and one from 2007. This is some of the most rhythmical and loop-based material released by Linija Mass, mechanical grinding and the... (continued)

Label: ALF Produkt
Format: 3"CD, oversized sleeve
Neutralizing Force - Absolute Terror
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Neutralizing Force - Absolute Terror 3"CD

Excellent follow-up to "Fusion" in the shape of four tracks of low-resolution metal percussion, neoclassical melodies and M16 bass drum.

Label: Mile 329
Format: 3"CD
Wreathy - Abaddon

Wreathy - Abaddon 3"CD

Second release from this Swedish project, showcasing low-resolution digital tunes with a great sense of melody and melancholy. The use of distortion is more sparse yet present enough to... (continued)

Label: Mile 329
Format: 3"CD
Dead Hollywood Stars - Smoke and Mirrors
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Dead Hollywood Stars - Smoke and Mirrors 3"CD

Three years after the brilliant "Junctions", the DHS return in a more song-based and acoustic form for this 23 min EP. Less emphasis is put on the jumpy... (continued)

Label: Hymen
Format: 3"CD, slimline case