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Herz Jühning - Samsara
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Herz Jühning - Samsara LP

Label info: "The first records from Herz Jühning are today much sought-after collectors’ items. The latest offering Paradise was sold out within hours, in spite of a considerable... (continued)

Label: Galakthorrö
Format: LP, Limited to 650 copies. Printed inner sleeve and a 12" inlay.
Da-Sein - Death Is The Most Certain Possibility
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Da-Sein - Death Is The Most Certain Possibility LP

Label info: Galakthorrö celebrates the presentation of Da-Sein's first album. Da-Sein continue on the path they've established on their debut EP... (continued)

Label: Galakthorrö
Format: LP, limited edition of 529 handnumbered copies
PPF / ICK - Individualistes / Collectivistes
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PPF / ICK - Individualistes / Collectivistes LP

Collaboration release between these two french projects, resulting in a 12" of old-school industrial with shuffling drum machine beats, buzzing analog synthesizers... (continued)

Format: LP, red vinyl