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Eric La Casa - Paris Quotidien

Eric La Casa - Paris Quotidien CD

On his latest self-released work, soundscape artist Eric La Casa willfully restricts his field recording methodology to his immediate surroundings, namely the inside of his Paris... (continued)

Label: Swarming
Format: CD, Deluxe CD book, 60 pages with text in French and English + color photos
Eric La Casa - Soundtracks
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Eric La Casa - Soundtracks CD

Self-explanatory 2015 album of material recorded as soundtracks for films by Luke Fowler, Christian Jaccard and Marie-Christine Navarro, dividing this into three chapters with... (continued)

Format: CD, gatefold digisleeve
Eric La Casa - W2 [1998-2008]

Eric La Casa - W2 [1998-2008] 2CD

Essential compilation of now hard to find material from sound artist Eric La Casa, thematically separated onto two CDs around the themes of wind and water. These pieces are just as... (continued)

Format: 2CD, gatefold digisleeve