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Imminent / Synapscape - The Incredible Three
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Imminent / Synapscape - The Incredible Three 7"

Straightforward and broken beats, with a touch of Western soundtrack samples for that ranch BBQ flavor. Part one of a 7" vinyl trilogy.

Label: Ant-Zen
Format: 7"
Klangstabil - Taking Nothing Seriously
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Klangstabil - Taking Nothing Seriously CD

Powerful synth melodies, exploding electro beats and a hard yet emotional voice scream out their souls as one over the 8 tracks of this CD. Bittersweet electronic pop... (continued)

Label: Ant-Zen
Format: CD, jewel case
Ultra Milkmaids - Pop Pressing
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Ultra Milkmaids - Pop Pressing CD

The latest release from the Milkmaids takes their fragmented guitar melodies into even warmer and poppier territories. What sets Pop Pressing aside from many of their past albums... (continued)

Label: Ant-Zen
Format: CD, digisleeve
Contagious Orgasm - Dessert Addicts Will Return to This
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Contagious Orgasm - Dessert Addicts Will Return to This 2CD

Contagious Orgasm returns with a brand new album on Ant-Zen that further explores the paths opened up by the "Flow" trilogy: minimal electronic... (continued)

Label: Ant-Zen
Format: 2CD, clear jewel case
Converter - Expansion Pack 2.0
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Converter - Expansion Pack 2.0 2CD

Two CDs worth of unreleased material, live tracks and remixes by various artists including Architect and Displacer. The material ranges from the tested-and-approved meaty... (continued)

Label: Ant-Zen
Format: 2CD, jewel case