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Ultra Milkmaids - Vorely Relay
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Ultra Milkmaids - Vorely Relay CD

Remix album of the Ulta Milkmaids' Vorely by themselves, Telepherique, Vance Orchestra, Goem, Troum, Celluloid Mata, Captain Black and Icon Zero. Japanese import.

Label: Noctovision
Format: CD, clear jewel case
Ultra Milkmaids / Imagho - By Mail...
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Ultra Milkmaids / Imagho - By Mail... CD

A collaboration effort that provides subdued ambient textures, melodic sounds and floating electronics. The record has a particularly subtle and airy quality to it, and... (continued)

Label: SSSM
Format: CD, grey cardboard sleeve
Ultra Milkmaids - Pop Pressing
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Ultra Milkmaids - Pop Pressing CD

The latest release from the Milkmaids takes their fragmented guitar melodies into even warmer and poppier territories. What sets Pop Pressing aside from many of their past albums... (continued)

Label: Ant-Zen
Format: CD, digisleeve