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Ultra Milkmaids - Vorely Relay
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Ultra Milkmaids - Vorely Relay CD

Remix album of the Ulta Milkmaids' Vorely by themselves, Telepherique, Vance Orchestra, Goem, Troum, Celluloid Mata, Captain Black and Icon Zero. Japanese import.

Label: Noctovision
Format: CD, clear jewel case
Aube & Maurizio Bianchi - Junkyo
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Aube & Maurizio Bianchi - Junkyo CD

First collaboration between Maurizio Bianchi and Akifumi Nakajima, the second one being the Mectpyo Saisei on Para Disc. Four long tracks of drowsy noise ambiance.

Label: Noctovision
Format: CD, plastic case