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Cold Flesh Colony - Burial
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Cold Flesh Colony - Burial 10"

Power electronics side-project of Mürnau / Eisengrau. Mangled shouted vocals drowned out by blasts of rumbling noise. Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies.

Format: 10"
Horologium - Le Cartoline Perse
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Horologium - Le Cartoline Perse CD

A collection of some rare and unreleased tracks by this Polish project. Most of it is mid-paced loop-based material with an occasional orchestral touch, some of it mixes it up... (continued)

Format: CD, oversized printed sleeve
Cyclotimia - Same Time Same Place
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Cyclotimia - Same Time Same Place 10"

More of this cult Russian project's unusual synthesis of warm, lush tones with drones and micro-samples. Features one of their best tracks ever, "Same Place".

Format: 10"