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Corazzata Valdemone - Canzoniere Strafottente

Corazzata Valdemone - Canzoniere Strafottente CD

On this 3rd CD album released in 2018, Corazza Valdemone mostly sets aside his ferocious martial-industrial sounds (barring the powerful "Marcia... (continued)

Label: SPQR
Format: CD, digipak, limited to 300 copies
Corazzata Valdemone - Stornellando In Grigioverde
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Corazzata Valdemone - Stornellando In Grigioverde CD

2015 album released by the Roman label Wolf Age. Unified industrial that flawlessly combines militant neofolk ("Death to Scum"), digital age marching... (continued)

Label: Wolf Age
Format: CD, digipak
Corazzata Valdemone - Avanguardia Rumorista

Corazzata Valdemone - Avanguardia Rumorista CD

Corazzata Valdemone is an Italian project inspired by WW1, Futurism and the aesthetics of totalitarian movements. While that hardly sounds original for the martial... (continued)

Label: Ufa Muzak
Format: CD, digipak