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Vresnit - Seed Solar

Vresnit - Seed Solar CD

2010 Vresnit album featuring collaborations with some of the best contemporary ambient acts from Russia (Hladna, Kshatriy and Neznamo). Serene, naturalistic ambient for those into Lunar... (continued)

Format: CD, multi-paneled color sleeve
Vresnit & Kshatriy - TaeT
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Vresnit & Kshatriy - TaeT CD

One single 48 min piece of primordial ambient that merges field recordings, woodwinds, strings, bird songs, voices, tape noises and electronics into a shamanistic haze of ritual drone.... (continued)

Label: Vetvei
Format: CD, 7"-sized oversized 6-panel cardboard sleeve
Vresnit - Tunvet
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Vresnit - Tunvet CD

New album by the head of the Vetvei label, known for its solid roster of shamanistic ambient releases. The 36-min track presented here delves into the same nocturnal and wooded atmospheres... (continued)

Label: Vegvisir
Format: CD, 6-sided digisleeve
Bardoseneticcube & Vresnit & Kshatriy - Creation
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Bardoseneticcube & Vresnit & Kshatriy - Creation CD

Description to be added soon.

Label: Vetvei
Format: CD, full-color six-panel cardboard sleeve