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Per Aspera - Nil Desperandum
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Per Aspera - Nil Desperandum CD

Surprisingly glossy if uneven dark ambient from this newcomer to the Polish post-industrial scene. The better tracks tracks are built around deep drones and choir-like processed... (continued)

Label: New Nihilism
Format: CD, A5-sized digipak
Hated Bruit Kollektiv - Aktion One
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Hated Bruit Kollektiv - Aktion One CD-R

Hated Bruit Kollektiv is the name for the ephemeral collaborative project between Rafal Sadej (Moan) and Tomasz Twardawa (Genetic Transmission), two of Poland's better... (continued)

Label: New Nihilism
Format: CD-R, pro-printed disc in folded poster sleeve
Genres: noise