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Solomon Schwartz - Et Son Orchestra
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Solomon Schwartz - Et Son Orchestra CD

Traditional Jewish folk songs performed as twist tunes, supposedly by the enigmatic Solomon Schwartz back in 1963. If this is indeed the real background story or a cleverly... (continued)

Format: CD, cardboard sleeve
Kim & Buran - Kosmos For Children
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Kim & Buran - Kosmos For Children CD

Kim & Buran are strongly inspired by psychedelic Soviet cartoons from the 70's and 80's, and the CD artwork even features two of the evil robotic henchmen from... (continued)

Format: CD, cardboard sleeve
Aavikko - History of Muysic
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Aavikko - History of Muysic CD

Aavikko's music comes across as the bastard offspring of 60's surf rock, TV game show muzak and MIDI disco anthems. It's also entertaining and infectious enough to go... (continued)

Format: CD, clear jewel case
Messer Chups - Hyena Safari
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Messer Chups - Hyena Safari CD

The band's 8th album, released in late 2005. This time they're going at it with a slightly more instrumental approach, emphasizing the adrenaline-fueled spy-surf rock that... (continued)

Format: CD, digipak
Genres: surf rock