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Linija Mass - Trud / Mechano-Faktura / Proletkult / Kinematika Mechanizmov
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Linija Mass - Trud / Mechano-Faktura / Proletkult / Kinematika Mechanizmov boxset

Box set that brings together re-releases of the Trud tape, the Proletkult LP on Membrum Debile Propaganda and the Mechano-Faktura CD-R along... (continued)

Label: Der Angriff
Format: boxset, 3 CD + 1 CD-R box set
Vetrophonia - 1987/1989
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Vetrophonia - 1987/1989 2xCD-R

Re-release of the earliest Vetrophonia material from 1987-1989, before Alexander Lebedev-Frontov had yet to meet Nick Soundnick. Initially destined to be released as Linija Mass, the... (continued)

Label: ALF Produkt
Format: 2xCD-R, black case with inserts
Vetrophonia - Strappadology
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Vetrophonia - Strappadology CD

Classic futurist uneasiness from this collaboration between Lebedev-Frontov (Linija Mass, Stalnoy Pakt) and Nick Soudnick (ZGA). These copies have been hand-painted by Alexander... (continued)

Format: CD, jewel case, hand-painted sleeve
Vetrophonia - Shumographika
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Vetrophonia - Shumographika CD

New 2005 album from the duo of St. Petersburg veterans Nick Soudnick (ZGA) and Alexander Lebedev-Frontov (Linija Mass, Stalnoy Pakt). As with their most recent releases, the... (continued)

Format: CD, oversized sleeve
Genres: futurism
Stalnoy Pakt - Russia's Awakening
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Stalnoy Pakt - Russia's Awakening CD

First full-length CD from Alexander Lebedev-Frontov's other main project. While Linija Mass takes its aesthetic inspirations from Futurism and Soviet socialist realism,... (continued)

Label: ALF Produkt
Format: CD, oversized sleeve with silver-inked artwork
Vetrophonia - Symformoza
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Vetrophonia - Symformoza CD-R

Vetrophonia is a collaboration project between Alexander Lebedev-Frontov (Linija Mass) and Nick Soudnick (ZGA). Symformoza is the logical result of such a duo, meshing the former's... (continued)

Label: Ultra
Format: CD-R, oversized cardboard sleeve