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The Hollowing / Marspiter - Habashira
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The Hollowing / Marspiter - Habashira CD

Split release with 4 tracks from the Hollowing and 3 from Marspiter. The former shifts from cavernous noise ambient to aggressive tribal pieces, while Marspiter sticks to a... (continued)

Label: Rectrix
Format: CD, jewel case
Erik Ursich - Kanashii - Il Piacere Della Tristezza
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Erik Ursich - Kanashii - Il Piacere Della Tristezza LP

A debut release that is sure to please those into cold minimal electronics with a melancholic touch. The LP relies heavily on vintage synthesizers, giving the... (continued)

Label: Punch Records
Format: LP, grey vinyl, hand-numbered and limited to 300 copies
Dissecting Table - Into the Light
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Dissecting Table - Into the Light CD

4 long tracks of pure apocalyptic bliss. The first two prominently feature a sort of mechanized death-funk industrial unheard of elsewhere, and the third track is a great... (continued)

Format: CD, jewel case
Dissecting Table - Groping in the Dark
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Dissecting Table - Groping in the Dark CD

Thirteenth release from Hiroshima's best. This one prominently features layers of guitars and the electronic noise is less present than elsewhere, so it could... (continued)

Label: UPD
Format: CD
Flatline Skyline - Horizon Grid

Flatline Skyline - Horizon Grid CD

The debut album from two young prolific musicians that meshes elements of IDM, noise, trip-hop and lush melodic electronics into a personal and inspiring piece of work. The best... (continued)

Release date: June 01, 2005
Format: CD, digisleeve with 3-panel booklet, 400 copies
Various Artists - This is What We Do!!!

Various Artists - This is What We Do!!! CD

2005 Follow-up compilation to "Don't Touch my Car!!", featuring exclusive tracks by the Mile 329 roster (Naked Intruder, Neutralizing Force, LLDF, Wreathy and... (continued)

Label: Mile 329
Format: CD, clear jewel case
Dead Hollywood Stars - Smoke and Mirrors
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Dead Hollywood Stars - Smoke and Mirrors 3"CD

Three years after the brilliant "Junctions", the DHS return in a more song-based and acoustic form for this 23 min EP. Less emphasis is put on the jumpy... (continued)

Label: Hymen
Format: 3"CD, slimline case
Converter - Expansion Pack 2.0
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Converter - Expansion Pack 2.0 2CD

Two CDs worth of unreleased material, live tracks and remixes by various artists including Architect and Displacer. The material ranges from the tested-and-approved meaty... (continued)

Label: Ant-Zen
Format: 2CD, jewel case
Kryptogen Rundfunk / Ritualnaya Bioingeneria / Hladna - Thalamus
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Kryptogen Rundfunk / Ritualnaya Bioingeneria / Hladna - Thalamus CD-R

Released in collaboration with Kultfront to commemorate the first festival of post-industrial music organized in the city of Pskov, this release... (continued)

Format: CD-R, serigraphied cardboard sleeve sealed with a piece of rope
Degeneral - After The World
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Degeneral - After The World CD-R

First official release from this Siberian project, based in the city of Kemerovo. A potential soundtrack to frozen lunar colonies, their autonomous machines and the desolate... (continued)

Label: Zhelezobeton
Format: CD-R, foil-covered outer sleeve, semi-transparent inner sleeve
Cisfinitum - Bezdna
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Cisfinitum - Bezdna CD

New album from this Moscow-based project known for previous releases on Waystyx and Drone Records. Using a wide array of analog soviet synthesizers (ANS, Polyvox, Yunost-21, Formanta to... (continued)

Format: CD, jewel case
Reutoff - ReuTRauM II
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Reutoff - ReuTRauM II 7"

Part 5 of 7 in a series of releases dedicated to the band's hometown of Reutov. Pounding machine noises, loud choirs and alarm sounds form the basis of the first piece, while the... (continued)

Label: Kaos Kontrol
Format: 7", transparent green vinyl