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July 10, 2017

Following up on our Apokrifna Realnost stock, I'm pleased to announce that I've managed to secure copies of some of the key releases on the Bulgarian label Corvus Records for distribution.

From the Byzantine post-punk of Mizar to the atmospheric ethno-ambient of Kayno Yesno Slonce, there's a wide variety of sounds that still remain cohesive through their historical and cultural bonds, even as they shift and shape themselves beyond the confines of musical genres.

You can hear a selection of tracks from these releases as well as other related projects such as Anastasia and Kismet in episode 17 of our podcast.

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AnastasiaComing Back Home 1Before The Rain Original SoundtrackPhilips1994
Mizar & HarmosiniWhite Sea / Бело МореChild And The White SeaCorvus2011
Kayno Yesno SlonceКонстантинополЧакръкCorvus2004
KismetStolen WallNorth Atlantic Balkan ExpressTone Casualties1999
Zlatko OrigjanskiСлава Тебе ЖивотеРазбуди СеAvalon Produkcija2003
MizarSina SobaA View To A Flower GardenCorvus2007
AnastasiaKjania AdzamijaMelourgiaLibra Music1997
Zlatko OrigjanskiWinter CoatIkona / MansardaThird Ear Music1999
Kayno Yesno SlonceОдражелаRequiem for The White WindCorvus2014
Apokrifna RealnostНа Рєкахъ ВавилонскыхъНа Рєкахъ Вавл҃нскыхъAnnapurna2017
ShrineThereStrange Growths / WanderCorvus2008
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Ten year birthdeath of Marco Corbelli - May 6, 2007

Atrax MorgueI Want To Know MoreHomicidal / Mechanic AsphyxiaSlaughter Productions2001
Atrax MorgueIpolepticSickness ReportRelease1996
Atrax MorgueBeautiful RazorWoundfuckerAVA/ES11998
Progetto MorteDissekt MindProgetto MorteSlaughter Productions2001
Atrax MorgueDeath-Orgasm ConnectorDeath-Orgasm ConnectorSlaughter Productions2003
Atrax MorgueRosy (Morte 2)WoundfuckerAVA/ES11998
Mörder MachineWhat’s A Human?DeathShowSlaughter Productions1998
Atrax MorgueTotenflechbildungPataphysiologyOld Europa Cafe2006
Atrax MorguePlaying With My CorpseHomicidal / Mechanic AsphyxiaSlaughter Productions2001
Atrax MorgueClub Of The DeadNo MoreArs Benevola Mater2005
Atrax MorgueEviscerationSickness ReportRelease1996
Atrax MorgueS/he Was Beautiful, DeadLesion 22Slaughter Productions2004
Atrax MorgueIs It EnoughParanoiaOld Europa Cafe2000
Mörder MachineHappy BirthdayHappy BirthdeathSlaughter Productions1998
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