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Corazzata Valdemone - Avanguardia Rumorista

Corazzata Valdemone - Avanguardia Rumorista CD

Corazzata Valdemone is an Italian project inspired by WW1, Futurism and the aesthetics of totalitarian movements. While that hardly sounds original for the martial... (continued)

Label: Ufa Muzak
Format: CD, digipak
Cold Fusion - Occupatria
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Cold Fusion - Occupatria CD

Label info: "An oppressive atmosphere in a occupied town, in a occupied country. only the illusion of freedom - no freedom. Cold Fusion - Occupatria - a musical journey on the... (continued)

Label: Steinklang
Format: CD, digipak
Stalnoy Pakt - Russia's Awakening
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Stalnoy Pakt - Russia's Awakening CD

First full-length CD from Alexander Lebedev-Frontov's other main project. While Linija Mass takes its aesthetic inspirations from Futurism and Soviet socialist realism,... (continued)

Label: ALF Produkt
Format: CD, oversized sleeve with silver-inked artwork
Stalnoy Pakt - ROA
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Stalnoy Pakt - ROA 3"CD-R

Write-up and samples to be added shortly. In stock now.

Label: ALF Produkt
Format: 3"CD-R, oversized sleeve
Infamis - Upior - Qualis Rex, Talis Grex
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Infamis - Upior - Qualis Rex, Talis Grex CD-R

Full-length release from the headmaster of Beast of Prey, best described as operatic medieval music performed with electronic instrumentation.

Label: Beast of Prey
Format: CD-R, A5 booklet format
Subhuman - Untitled II
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Subhuman - Untitled II 3"CD-R

Label info: "Here comes the second untitled work of SUBHUMAN. Desolate and anguished symphony of aftermath. Distant drones and whizzes, melancholic piano melodies, strict drum-rolls... (continued)

Label: Abgurd
Format: 3"CD-R, oversized color sleeve
Aghiatrias - Regions of Limen
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Aghiatrias - Regions of Limen CD

Second full-length album from the Czech duo who brought you Skrol (Membrum Debile Propaganda). A mixture of sinister dark ambient, neo-classical orchestration and martial... (continued)

Label: Epidemie
Format: CD, clear jewel case
Autopsia - In Vivo
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Autopsia - In Vivo CD

Compilation of early tracks, alternate versions and unreleased material from Prague's preeminent industrial project. No samplers, synthesizers, or computers, but tape loops, ring... (continued)

Format: CD, jewel case
Shinjuku Thief - Sacred Fury
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Shinjuku Thief - Sacred Fury CD

Label info: "Darrin Verhagen on his latest release re-embraces all the dramatic theatricality his Shinjuku Thief project is best known for. Hovering midway between gothic... (continued)

Format: CD, clear jewel case
Storm of Capricorn / Paranoia Inducta - Jama
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Storm of Capricorn / Paranoia Inducta - Jama CD

Label info: "Jama is a poem written by the Croatian poet, resistance member and revolutionary Ivan Goran Kovacic, who was murdered in 1943 by opportunists and... (continued)

Label: Beast of Prey
Format: CD, A5 format sleeve with postcards
Sophia - Spite
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Sophia - Spite CD

Most likely the finest release by Arcana's apocalyptic twin brother. Bombastic industrial with solemn vocals that recall In Slaughter Natives' strongest moments.

Format: CD, jewel case with slipcase