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Petrograd Drone Gathering - 17022017
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Petrograd Drone Gathering - 17022017 CD

Drone supergroup that brings together a lot of the usual suspects from the St. Petersburg ambient/drone scene, namely Snezhana Reizen, Uhushukhu, Lunar Abyss Deus Organum,... (continued)

Label: Status Prod
Format: CD, oversized sleeve with insert, limited to 150 copies
Genres: drones
Voice Of Eye - Anthology Two 1992-1996
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Voice Of Eye - Anthology Two 1992-1996 2CD

Label info: "Voice Of Eye Anthology Two: 1992-96 continues our anthology series documenting early works composed for compilations, a live rehearsal and other... (continued)

Format: 2CD, six-panel digipak
Rapoon - Wasteland Raga
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Rapoon - Wasteland Raga CD

Surprisingly less rhythmic than the opening track would lead you to believe, Wasteland Raga is marked by a strong sense of nostalgic sadness with its bright melodic tones, cloudy drones... (continued)

Label: Aquarellist
Format: CD, digipak
Jarl | Envenomist - Tunguska Event
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Jarl | Envenomist - Tunguska Event CD

Collaboration release between Erik Jarl (IRM, Skin Area) and David Reed (Envenomist, Luasa Raelon) inspired by the enigmatic Tunguska event, in which over 2000 square... (continued)

Label: Zoharum
Format: CD, tri-fold digifile sleeve
Irmologion - Dynatos
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Irmologion - Dynatos CD

2005 release from this mysterious Russian project. One long 76 min track of stuttering robotic drones, introspective classical atmospheres and processed Orthodox chants.

Limited to 350... (continued)

Label: R.A.I.G.
Format: CD, hard book folder
Troum - Mare Morphosis
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Troum - Mare Morphosis CD

Third and final chapter of the "Power Romantic" trilogy (which also includes "Mare Idiophonika" and "Grote Mandrenke"), which has featured some of Troum... (continued)

Format: CD, 8-panel digipak
Maeror Tri - Multiple Personality Disorder
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Maeror Tri - Multiple Personality Disorder CD

Re-press of the first Maeror Tri CD album, released on Korm Plastics back in 1993. Drowsy drones and archaic atmospheres inspired by the four key basic characters... (continued)

Label: Purple Soil
Format: CD, multi-paneled digisleeve with postcard
Genres: drones
Machinefabriek - Veldwerk
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Machinefabriek - Veldwerk CD

Delicate drones and intricately woven collages of drifting tones, soothing static and field recordings by Rutger Zuydervelt. Veldwerk includes tracks recorded in or inspired by... (continued)

Label: Cold Spring
Format: CD, digipak
Astrowind - Kaidanovsky
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Astrowind - Kaidanovsky CD

The debut CD from this Latvian ambient project is a tribute to the Russian actor and film director Alexander Kaidanovsky, which you'll most likely know for his haunting performance... (continued)

Label: Greytone
Format: CD, digipak
Kshatriy - Transforming Galaxy
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Kshatriy - Transforming Galaxy CD

Second full-length album of psychedelic drone ambient from this Russian project. Dense synthesized textures, uneasy melodies and natural field recordings give this a very organic... (continued)

Label: Muzyka Voln
Format: CD, 6-panel digipak
Troum - Dreaming Muzak
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Troum - Dreaming Muzak CD-R

Label info: "dreaming muzak" was the first (and last) Troum cassette-release and came out on the Belgian label cling-film in October 1998 in an edition of 100 copies in a... (continued)

Label: Kokeshidisk
Format: CD-R, pro-printed, full color printed A5-sized cardboard cover
Closing The Eternity & Ad Lux Tenebrae - Nearly Being
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Closing The Eternity & Ad Lux Tenebrae - Nearly Being CD

Ritual shamanic drones from these two Russian projects introduced to us by their releases on Abgurd.

Label: Epidemie
Format: CD, digisleeve
Genres: drones