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Various Artists - This is What We Do!!!

Various Artists - This is What We Do!!! CD

2005 Follow-up compilation to "Don't Touch my Car!!", featuring exclusive tracks by the Mile 329 roster (Naked Intruder, Neutralizing Force, LLDF, Wreathy and... (continued)

Label: Mile 329
Format: CD, clear jewel case
Dead Hollywood Stars - Smoke and Mirrors
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Dead Hollywood Stars - Smoke and Mirrors 3"CD

Three years after the brilliant "Junctions", the DHS return in a more song-based and acoustic form for this 23 min EP. Less emphasis is put on the jumpy... (continued)

Label: Hymen
Format: 3"CD, slimline case
Converter - Expansion Pack 2.0
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Converter - Expansion Pack 2.0 2CD

Two CDs worth of unreleased material, live tracks and remixes by various artists including Architect and Displacer. The material ranges from the tested-and-approved meaty... (continued)

Label: Ant-Zen
Format: 2CD, jewel case
Kryptogen Rundfunk / Ritualnaya Bioingeneria / Hladna - Thalamus
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Kryptogen Rundfunk / Ritualnaya Bioingeneria / Hladna - Thalamus CD-R

Released in collaboration with Kultfront to commemorate the first festival of post-industrial music organized in the city of Pskov, this release... (continued)

Format: CD-R, serigraphied cardboard sleeve sealed with a piece of rope
Degeneral - After The World
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Degeneral - After The World CD-R

First official release from this Siberian project, based in the city of Kemerovo. A potential soundtrack to frozen lunar colonies, their autonomous machines and the desolate... (continued)

Label: Zhelezobeton
Format: CD-R, foil-covered outer sleeve, semi-transparent inner sleeve
Cisfinitum - Bezdna
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Cisfinitum - Bezdna CD

New album from this Moscow-based project known for previous releases on Waystyx and Drone Records. Using a wide array of analog soviet synthesizers (ANS, Polyvox, Yunost-21, Formanta to... (continued)

Format: CD, jewel case
Reutoff - ReuTRauM II
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Reutoff - ReuTRauM II 7"

Part 5 of 7 in a series of releases dedicated to the band's hometown of Reutov. Pounding machine noises, loud choirs and alarm sounds form the basis of the first piece, while the... (continued)

Label: Kaos Kontrol
Format: 7", transparent green vinyl
Stelladrine - You'll Never See Your World Again

Stelladrine - You'll Never See Your World Again CD

Journey to a world where monsters, martians and death rays lurk in every corner. Hear the wailing theremins, the bleeps of space-age technology and the roars of... (continued)

Release date: September 28, 2005
Format: CD, clear jewel case, 550 copies
Stratvm Terror - Fixation
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Stratvm Terror - Fixation CD

Brand new album from what is most likely the best of all Raison D'Etre side-projects. Locomotive-like looped noises, screamed vocals and even two tracks that blend in some doom... (continued)

Format: CD, jewel case
Cisfinitum - V
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Cisfinitum - V CD

Debut CD release from this excellent Moscow project led by Evgeny Voronovsky. 4 long tracks of luminous and sophisticated field recordings, solar ambient and processed string instruments. The CD... (continued)

Label: Waystyx
Format: CD, gatefold sleeve with inserts
Bad Sector - Kosmodrom
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Bad Sector - Kosmodrom CD

New full-length album dedicated to Soviet space exploration. This release sees Bad Sector incorporating minimal rhythms, samples of space station chatter and vintage Russian synthesizers... (continued)

Label: Waystyx
Format: CD, transparent plastic box
PPF / ICK - Individualistes / Collectivistes
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PPF / ICK - Individualistes / Collectivistes LP

Collaboration release between these two french projects, resulting in a 12" of old-school industrial with shuffling drum machine beats, buzzing analog synthesizers... (continued)

Format: LP, red vinyl