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Dave Phillips - Field Recordings
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Dave Phillips - Field Recordings CD

Untreated field recordings made in Thai National Parks between 2001 and 2004. Waterfalls, cicadas, gibbons, dogs, bullfrogs, this has it all.

Format: CD
Voice Of Eye - Emergence
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Voice Of Eye - Emergence 2CD

Compilation of material recorded between 2006 and 2007 by this much appreciated ambient/drone duo from New Mexico. The material presented here was recorded live without overdubs.

Format: 2CD, 4-panel digifile
Genres: ambient
Six Dead Bulgarians - Future Bygone
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Six Dead Bulgarians - Future Bygone CD

Label info: "A retrospective of the first era of Post-industrial Legend from the North of Russia - Arkhangelsk. Tracks recoded in 1995-1997 previously available on... (continued)

Label: COD Noizes
Format: CD, 4-panel digipak
Genres: industrial
Exit In Grey - One Lumen In The Past
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Exit In Grey - One Lumen In The Past CD

Label info: "Frozen Light presents "One Lumen In The Past" – a new album by sub-Moscow project Exit In Grey. Time runs forward, inexorably carrying us into... (continued)

Label: Frozen Light
Format: CD
Genres: ambient
Exit In Grey - Shadows Of Stillness
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Exit In Grey - Shadows Of Stillness CD

Label info: "Exit in Grey is one of the main musical incarnations of Sergey [S] from Moscow-area town Pushkino, who is also known for many other projects including Five... (continued)

Label: Muzyka Voln
Format: CD, 6-panel digisleeve
Genres: ambient
Vetrophonia - Vizualizacija
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Vetrophonia - Vizualizacija DVD

Format: DVD, slim DVD case, limited to 500 copies
Siyanie - Shining of Unity
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Siyanie - Shining of Unity CD

Label info: "The first new release from Sergei Ilchuk after Vresnit & Vetvei closing. This album contains some new materials recorded from January to May 2012: 4 majestic... (continued)

Format: CD
Petrograd Drone Gathering - 17022017
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Petrograd Drone Gathering - 17022017 CD

Drone supergroup that brings together a lot of the usual suspects from the St. Petersburg ambient/drone scene, namely Snezhana Reizen, Uhushukhu, Lunar Abyss Deus Organum,... (continued)

Label: Status Prod
Format: CD, oversized sleeve with insert, limited to 150 copies
Genres: drones
YAO 91404 D - Energy
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YAO 91404 D - Energy CD-R

Inscrutable field recordings from dams, machine rooms and other water processing facilities from this cult Russian project.

Comes with a certificate from the Soviet Ministry of Power.... (continued)

Format: CD-R, DVD case
Nurse With Wound - The Great Ecstasy Of The Basic Corrupt
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Nurse With Wound - The Great Ecstasy Of The Basic Corrupt CD

2016 CD release from Steven Stapleton that sets aside the dadaist collages and labyrinthine soundscapes for heavy drones and lush instrumentation.

Label: United Dirter
Format: CD, 6-panel digipak
Various Artists - Now It's Dark: David Lynch Tribute
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Various Artists - Now It's Dark: David Lynch Tribute CD

Label info: "Eleven projects from the Russian dark underground scene have presented their own visions of the mysterious and meditative atmospheres... (continued)

Label: KultFront
Format: CD, 6-panel glossy digipak
Genres: dark ambient
Arecibo - Trans Plutonian Transmissions
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Arecibo - Trans Plutonian Transmissions CD

Label info: "Sources for cosmological activity utilized include: pulsars, quasars, thermal radiation, synchroton radiation, electron particle interaction, radio... (continued)

Label: Soleilmoon
Format: CD, digipak