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Machinefabriek - The Measures Taken
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Machinefabriek - The Measures Taken CD

2015 release from this highly prolific Dutch artist that has garnered attention for his delicate and intricate electroacoustic works on a wide variety of labels.

The... (continued)

Label: Zoharum
Format: CD, 3-panel ecopak
Troum - Syzygie

Troum - Syzygie CD

Label info: "A collection of rare / deleted tracks from compilations Vol. II (1999-2002). Everything recorded between November 1999 and May 2002 on analogue 8-track. 9 meticulously crafted... (continued)

Label: Cold Spring
Format: CD, clear jewel case
Vresnit - Seed Solar

Vresnit - Seed Solar CD

2010 Vresnit album featuring collaborations with some of the best contemporary ambient acts from Russia (Hladna, Kshatriy and Neznamo). Serene, naturalistic ambient for those into Lunar... (continued)

Format: CD, multi-paneled color sleeve
Corvuz - Невидимые Пейзажи (Invisible Landscapes)

Corvuz - Невидимые Пейзажи (Invisible Landscapes) CD

Label info: "The debut album of a musician from the city of Oryol, Russia, released with the support of ZHELEZOBETON label. "Invisible Landscapes" is dark ambient... (continued)

Label: Zhelezobeton
Format: CD, digipak
Mira Drevo - Озёр Небеса (Heavens of Lakes)

Mira Drevo - Озёр Небеса (Heavens of Lakes) CD

Label info: "The debut CD by Mira Drevo is composed after journeys around the Ladoga Lake on the shore of which lives the author of this project - Skald, a philosophy teacher... (continued)

Label: Zhelezobeton
Format: CD, digipak
Kshatriy - Transforming Galaxy
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Kshatriy - Transforming Galaxy CD

Second full-length album of psychedelic drone ambient from this Russian project. Dense synthesized textures, uneasy melodies and natural field recordings give this a very organic... (continued)

Label: Muzyka Voln
Format: CD, 6-panel digipak
Silence & Strength - Le Divin Cagliostro
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Silence & Strength - Le Divin Cagliostro CD

Neo-folk and ritualistic ambient from Israel inspired by the Grand Copht, the creator of the Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry. Reminiscent of a much more luminous version of... (continued)

Label: Eastern Front
Format: CD, DVD case
Job Karma - Tschernobyl
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Job Karma - Tschernobyl CD

This 2007 release from Poland's Job Karma is a concept album based around the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and its aftermath. Melancholic synth melodies, minimal rhythmic patterns and... (continued)

Format: CD, multi-paneled digipak with booklet
Sil Muir - Sil Muir
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Sil Muir - Sil Muir CD

Sil Muir is the collaboration between Italian ambient artists Andrea Marutti (who runs Afe Records and is also active as Amon and Never Known) and Andrea Ferraris (Ur). Their first album... (continued)

Format: CD, silk-screened wallet packaging
Genres: ambient
Ultra Milkmaids / Imagho - By Mail...

Ultra Milkmaids / Imagho - By Mail... CD

A collaboration effort that provides subdued ambient textures, melodic sounds and floating electronics. The record has a particularly subtle and airy quality to it, and... (continued)

Label: SSSM
Format: CD, grey cardboard sleeve
Hollydrift - Waiting For The Tiller
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Hollydrift - Waiting For The Tiller CD

Hollydrift is Wisconsin-based Mathias Anderson's experimental sound project. "Waiting for the Tiller" is his first proper CD release if I'm not mistaken,... (continued)

Format: CD, clear jewel case
Origami Galaktika / I:Wound / Inderst Elia - Monolake
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Origami Galaktika / I:Wound / Inderst Elia - Monolake CD

Label info "Repress of the most beautiful of several B9/I: WOUND live collaborations. Recorded already in 2000 in Oslo, originally released as limited... (continued)

Label: Purple Soil
Format: CD, gatefold sleeve with booklet